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How Kids Can Benefit From Baking and Cooking

Some of my most favorite memories as a child were those I spent in the kitchen, baking with my mom and sister. We would literally be baking away for hours, completely oblivious to the time and all of our other responsibilities.

To me, baking was an escape from all the stress of “real life”. I had social anxiety, and would often spend my time thinking and worrying about what other people were thinking of me. In the kitchen though, I was a totally different person, confident, relaxed, and calm. There was something soothing about the act of stirring the batter, or tasting the mix at the end.

Here are some ways that baking can benefit your children:

1. Bonding Time: A lot of us spend time with our children, but don’t give them our full-attention. We’re so busy worrying about the car payments, work we have to do or the cleaning, that we forget what’s most important. When were baking, all the distractions of the day seem to fade away, and our full-attention is on whatever were making. We’re able to savour the company of others, and let go of all the trivial things.

2. Teaches Them Life Skills: Although I loved baking and often spent my days baking away in the kitchen, my mom was never much of a cook, and I rarely helped make dinners or meals as a kid. Because of this, when I went off to college I was totally unsure in the kitchen. I’d end up catching the oven on fire, burning my food, and ruining an expensive meal. I felt really helpless, and I wish I had been taught to cook when I was younger.

3. Teaches Confidence: Experts say that children are able to feel good about themselves, and feel confident in their abilities when they’re able to master a skill. If you can teach your child to cook when they’re young, you’ll give them a huge advantage once they start to become really good at it. Eventually they’ll be teaching you how to cook, and you’ll be taking instructions from them!

4. Soothing: Like I previously mentioned, I have always found baking therapeutic and I know I’m not the only one. There’s something so relaxing about baking, and it can provide an escape for your child. Next time your child is feeling sad or upset, why not pull out that old dusty cookie recipe and see if you can put a smile on their face?

5. Memories: My all-time favorite memories baking are the days when my mom and I would make lemon cupcakes. I guess this is what makes the future parent in me so excited. The idea that I can share special moments with my children means so much to me.

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  1. BrSpiritus - September 9th, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    I love this article! Yes those are all very important points and I wouldn’t be the cook I am today without mom having included me in the cooking when I was growing up.

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